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Allah sentiasa membantu hambaNya selama mana hambaNya membantu saudaranya.. Maksud al-Hadith/Muslim.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why There Shouldn't Be A Man And A Woman Alone In A Room !!!!!!????

Why Did The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Prevented A Man And Woman To Be Left Alone In A Place ???? Or Looking At The Body Parts That God Has Prevented ??? What Is The Purpose Of This ????? Let Us Read ......

It's Enough To Sit With A Strange Woman For Five Minutes So As To Release The " Stress Hormone " This Is A Recent Scientific Study According To The " Daily Telegraph " Newspaper .

The Researchers At The " Valencia " University Has Found Out That Being Alone With An Attractive Woman Leads To Increasing Of The Secretion Of The " Cortisol " Hormone In The Body , Which Is The Hormone Responsible For Getting Stressed In The Body .

So For This Purpose Some People Were Tested Under Experiment By Leaving Them Alone With A Strange Women ...
Although The Persons Under The Experiment Tried To Avoid Looking Or Thinking About The Strange Women Next To Him . But That Did Not Prevent The Body From The Secretion Of The " Cortisol " Hormone .

Scientists Say That The " Cortisol " Hormone Is Essential And Useful For Body Performance BUT Only When It's Secreted In Low Amounts , While If The Percentage Of The Hormone Is Increased In The Body In The Process Is Repeated, It Leads To Serious Diseases , Diseases In Heart , High Blood Pressure , Diabetes And Other Diseases Which Lead To Sexual Disorders ...
The Above Image Shows The Mechanism Of " Cortisol " Hormone Action , And The Studies Show Us That The Increasing Of Stress Hormone Only Occurs When Being With Alone With A Strange Woman , And The Ratio Of Secretion Is More When The Woman Is More Attractive !

And Of Course When A Man Is Alone With His ( Sister , Mother , Daughter ) The Effect Of " Cortisol " Hormone Doesn't Take Place . As Well As When a Man Sits Along A Strange Man The Hormone Does Not Rise , But Only In The Case Of A Man With A Strange Woman ...

The Researchers Say :
Even When A Man Sits Next To A Strange Woman , He Visualizes Having Sexual Relationship With Her In A State Of ( No Emotions )
And In Some Other Studies The Researchers Say :
When This Process Is Repeated ( Looking And Thinking Of Strange Woman ) With Passing Time , It Leads To Serious Psychological Diseases Like " Depression " .

That Is Why The Prophet (PBUH) Prevented It ...

And We All Know The Famous Hadeeth :
" No Man Is Alone With A Woman , But The Satan ( Shaytan ) Is The Third Of Them "
This Hadeeth Forbids (Prevents) The Presence Of A Man Being Alone With A Strange Woman , THEN The Great Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) Wanted To Help Us Avoid Infecting By These Social Psychological Diseases .
So When A Muslim Man Avoids Looking At A Strange Woman's Forbidden Parts And Getting Lonely With Them , Then He Avoided The Spread Of Bad Habits So This Helps The Society To Stay Safe And Clean From Diseases And Social Problems .

And We Say This To Every One Who Doesn't Believe In The Message Of Islam :

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ori Source :http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/7668344/Beautiful-women-can-be-bad-for-your-health-according-to-scientists.html

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